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Thursday, March 7, 2013 @ 09:03 PM
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The American Lung Association and Radon Lung Cancer

Radon Lung CancerPhiladelphia, PA residents may know what it is like to rent from a bad landlord. While we hope that our landlord is always more than willing to provide us the much needed service to ensure that our apartment or space is safe, and operating well, landlords do not always comply. Radon lung cancer, is a growing threat to the area of Philadelphia, and without proper treatment, it may have taken over the area you live in.

While this may have been a topic that you could lose sleep over, it no longer has to be if you are renting a multi-family home that is being financed through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, has made it a mandatory requirement that all multi-family homes financed through them must receive a radon test.

It is important that a radon test is done to Philadelphia homes, as this gas cannot be seen or smelled. Essentially, there is no way of knowing whether or not you are in danger until your home is tested, or it is too late. Additionally, HUD has made it a requirement that all multi-family homes financed through them that return test results that show high levels of this gas will be required to have a mitigation system installed to reduce radon lung cancer.

Radon Lung Cancer Reduction Methods in Philadelphia

Radon mitigation systems have been proven to reduce levels of radon gas by as much as 99%. S.W.A.T. Environmental has been providing radon mitigation for decades now and has the ability to dramatically reduce the levels of gas in your Philadelphia home. Regardless of how long it has been since you last tested your home, make sure to call a professional. Now that it is a legal requirement for all to have a mitigation system installed if a Philadelphia home is tested with high levels of gas, and it is a multi-family home financed through HUD, we are hoping to make a large impact in the community through our air purification systems.

21,000 people die from radon gas on an annual basis. Recent studies have actually shown that 15% of all lung cancer cases are caused by this horrible gas. As the second leading cause of lung cancer, it is understandable why there have been much more recent efforts in reducing the threat of this gas.

The American Lung Association is proud of the efforts that HUD has made to improve the quality of lung health in Philadelphia, and across the nation. It is an amazing thing to see both of these organizations doing so much in the community to reduce the levels of gas, and improve the safety for those who rent in Philadelphia. With S.W.A.T. Environmental providing the air purification needed, we should be able to see a serious decrease in radon lung cancer.