Air Purification Systems – Collegeville, Pennsylvania

How is the Air You Breathe in Collegeville, Pennsylvania?

Air Purification Philadelphia PennsylvaniaIn Collegeville, Pennsylvania, you could be breathing air that is 1,000 times more polluted than elsewhere. It’s not Collegeville, Pennsylvania that’s the problem – it’s your home, or maybe your office. That’s right: it is estimated that most homes and buildings contain more pollutants than outside air.

The reason for this is the way we condition the air in buildings and dwellings. Most heating and cooling units recirculate the same air rather than drawing in new air from outdoors. You don’t need to change your current HVAC unit; what you need is a more effective way at cleaning the air that passes through it.

Clean Your Air Using an Ultraviolet Air Purification System

What is the most effective method to clean indoor air in Collegeville, Pennsylvania? It’s not a HEPA filter, or ionization, it is ultraviolet sterilization. Ultraviolet (UV) air purification systems attach to HVAC units and kill pollutants and microorganisms as the air is circulated through, with a 99.9% success rate. It captures and eliminates viruses, bacteria, and other germs. It is effective against allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and chemical allergens like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – commonly found in products like new carpets and furnishings, even new vinyl bathroom shower liners.

What is the Ultraviolet Air Purification System?

UV air purification systems make indoor air as clean as possible. That’s why it’s the technology of choice for hospitals and government agencies. You can have the same technology at home or work in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. UV air purification systems also kill odor pollutants like tobacco smoke, pet odor, and bathroom odors. Not only can you enjoy the security of knowing your home and office are healthy places, but you can also enjoy the fresh-air smell around you. Call S.W.A.T Environmental today for a quote on a UV air purification system for your home or office in Collegeville, Pennsylvania today.