Commercial Radon Mitigation – Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Commercial Radon Mitigation in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Commercial Radon Mitigation Philadelphia PennsylvaniaWhen your Collegeville, Pennsylvania commercial building faces a challenge like high levels of radon, the best course of action is immediate mitigation. Don’t wait and hope this serious issue goes away. Commercial radon mitigation is not a simple fix, but in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, you have the licensed radon mitigation professionals you’ll need to return to business as usual. Typically, radon enters a building through cracks in the foundation or basement. Radon is a radioactive gas, occurring naturally in the earth in small pockets. It may not be reassuring, but Collegeville, Pennsylvania is in the center of the highest concentration of radon in the U.S. Not only are you not alone in this situation, but because radon mitigation is a bit more common in the northeastern states, you have your pick of qualified, successful commercial radon mitigation contractors.

How Does Commercial Radon Mitigation Work in Pennsylvania Commercial Buildings?

Air pressure causes the radon problem. Outdoor air pressure is generally far greater than interior air pressure, and this difference causes a vacuum, sucking the radon up into the building through any foundational openings. The solution for your Collegeville, Pennsylvania commercial building is also pressure, or equalizing it. Commercial radon mitigation utilizes several methods to do this. Quality radon mitigation specialists will identify the best methods for your Collegeville, Pennsylvania business to keep radon from entering the building again.

Don’t waste time and money on inexperienced, under equipped mitigation contractors. State laws require licensing and certification for radon mitigation services, so start with local agencies like the state department of environmental resources. Ask for referrals from local businesses for Collegeville, Pennsylvania mitigation companies that have the expertise and qualifications desired, plus a good track record of happy customers.

Consider our services. S.W.A.T Environmental provides all of the above mitigation methods using cutting-edge equipment and trained, experienced commercial radon mitigation specialists. Keep your customers, employees, and business healthy by hiring the right mitigation company in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.