Radon Mitigation in Schools in Philadelphia

Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 05:02 PM
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Need in Philadelphia for Radon Mitigation in School

Radon Mitigation in Schools in PhiladelphiaRadon mitigation is a commonly used term for people who wish to reduce the amount of radon in their home, office building, or other area. While many Philadelphia, PA residents have taken the time to call a professional to conduct mitigation on one of their personal structures, many have not taken the time to invest this technology in our school children. Many of our schools have not hired a mitigation specialist. Across the nation, one out of every five schools has high levels of radon gas, but many schools have not taken any action in reducing their radon levels.

Philadelphia residents need to take control of their school system by supporting a bill that is being proposed by a congressman from Iowa for radon mitigation in schools. This bill will provide the necessary grant funding for schools to have both radon testing, and mitigation as needed. Testing is needed because it is impossible to know whether or not a Philadelphia school is infested with this gas without a test. Radon is invisible, and cannot be smelled either, meaning that a test is the only way that a professional can accurately determine the health level.

Radon Mitigation in schools in Philadelphia

The reason we are stressing radon mitigation in schools so much is because this gas is known to kill 20,000 people each year through lung cancer. Radon is responsible for one out of every seven cases of lung cancer. This means that while many people go through their entire lives without smoking a cigarette, they are still diagnosed with lung cancer because no one took action to protect their schools or homes. If you live in Philadelphia, PA you need to make sure that your school is radon free by speaking with the administration, and asking for their test results or to see the mitigation system in place. You may be shocked at how few schools have this.

For a little background on radon gas, radon forms in the soil beneath homes and buildings which have high levels of uranium. Uranium is in many soils, and once it breaks down, it forms radon gas. In a gaseous form, it may enter in many ways such as entering the water supply, or even going through the foundation. No matter how radon enters, radon mitigation in schools in Philadelphia is needed in order to reduce the risk of exposure and lung cancer.

Now is the time that we should take action in choosing a professional company for radon mitigation in schools. S.W.A.T. Environmental has the nation’s trust as the leading radon mitigation company, and has reduced the levels by as much as 99% in many homes and commercial buildings. Our Philadelphia school system needs a company that can reduce the levels of gas effectively and efficiently. Let your local politicians and school board members know the need for radon mitigation in schools.

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