Residential Radon Mitigation – Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Residential Radon Mitigation in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

At the first word that your home’s air quality is compromised by radon, you may be tempted to pack up and move from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Moving is not the answer, radon mitigation is. A qualified residential radon mitigation service will include identifying the points of entry, deciding on the best residential radon mitigation services for your Collegeville, Pennsylvania home, and then retesting to make sure radon mitigation was effective. It would be remiss to leave your Collegeville, Pennsylvania home for such a reason. Though radon contamination is nothing to be sneezed at, your home’s air quality can return to healthy levels.

How Did Radon Enter Your Collegeville, Pennsylvania Home?

Residential Radon Mitigation PhiladelphiaRadon is a natural element in the soil, common throughout the U.S., but more typical in the northeastern states, making your Collegeville, Pennsylvania home one of many dealing with this problem. It’s a health issue for your family because radon is a radioactive gas, and is undetectable unless your home is specifically tested for it. Outside the air pressure is greater than indoors, and if radon is present in the soil underneath or around your home, the imbalance of pressure means that your home acts as a vacuum, sucking radon inside through even the tiniest cracks or holes in the foundation, and then trap it in the air inside. It’s not a healthy situation, Collegeville, Pennsylvania!

Our residential radon mitigation services correct the problem by identifying the sources of entry and equalizing the balance of pressure between indoors and out. We decide on the best methods for your Collegeville, Pennsylvania home, and because radon mitigation is our focus, we’re well equipped and experienced for the job.

Your water supply is probably safe, but if your water comes from a well, you should have it tested for radon contamination. Even if the soil around your home tests negative for radon, a contaminated underground water source can bring it in. Radon mitigation is strongly recommended for water issues, as your family is being exposed with each shower, hand washing, and tooth brushing. Don’t assume your supply is safe in a town; if you rent in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, ask your landlord about your residence’s source of water and whether it’s been tested.

Homeowners in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, it’s up to you to make sure your family is safe from radon. Our company services will work with you to make the need for residential radon mitigation a thing of the past.