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Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 06:10 PM
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Tips for Philadelphia Residents Who Need a Radon Test on Their Homes

If you are a resident of Philadelphia, city regulations might dictate that you have a radon test on your home before you attempt to sell it. Those regulations are designed to protect buyers of Philadelphia area homes, who might not be aware that radon is a serious problem, both in the city of Philadelphia and in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Radon Tests Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaWhile it is true that radon is a problem everywhere, and radon exists in the environment throughout the country, radon can be an even bigger problem in Pennsylvania, including large cities like Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia, like much of the northeast, lies on a foundation of bedrock. Cracks in that bedrock can allow radon to seep into your home, until it builds up to toxic levels.

That is why many home buyers insist on a radon test before putting in a bid on any Philadelphia area home. If you are in the process of selling your Philadelphia home and moving elsewhere, you first need to find a company that is qualified to assess the levels of radon in your home and help you fix any problems those tests uncover.

Schedule a Radon Test For Your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Home

The first step is to contact a radon testing company that is licensed to do business in the city of Philadelphia. When you call, the representative of the radon testing company will ask for some basic information about the resident, including your address and the year the home was built. This information will help the Philadelphia area radon testing company schedule your radon test more efficiently. The age of the home will help the company determine where to look for problems.

Older homes in Philadelphia often have small hairline cracks in the basement walls and the foundation. Those tiny cracks can allow radon to seep into the basement and build up over time. On the other hand, if your Philadelphia area home is a newer model, the problem may be that the home is airtight. Those new homes are built to be energy efficient, but that efficiency can also trap small quantities of radon that seep in from the surrounding soil and ground water. Since that radon has nowhere to go, it can quickly build up to toxic levels and cause additional problems.

When the Philadelphia area radon testing company arrives at your home, they will bring their testing equipment with them and assess the level of radon gas in your home. If no problems are found, you can go ahead with the sale of your Philadelphia area, home, and any potential buyers can rest assured that the home poses no threat to themselves or their family members.

If the radon testing company does discover a problem with your Philadelphia area home, they will also outline a plan to eliminate that radon from your home and allow the sale to go through. The exact procedure for getting rid of the existing radon and stopping new radon from coming in depends on the nature of the problem, but you cannot know until you have your Philadelphia area home is radon tested.