Why Hire A Radon Contractor – Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Why Hire A Collegeville Radon Contractor

Although Pennsylvania’s state laws allow homeowners to install their own radon mitigation systems, Collegeville, Pennsylvania, residents should carefully weigh their options before embarking on a do-it-yourself mitigation project. A high level of carpentry skills beyond those possessed by the average do-it-yourself homeowner in Collegeville is necessary to properly install a radon removal system.

Even two similarly-sized homes located next to one another on the same Collegeville street may have different needs when it comes to radon mitigation. Qualified radon contractors in Collegeville have the necessary knowledge and experience to best determine what method of radon reduction will suit a particular home. They are also qualified to determine precisely where to place systems to reap the highest benefits. An experienced radon contractor in Collegeville will also know if a water radon removal system is necessary in addition to one for the air.

Before Hiring a Radon Contractor

Qualified radon contractors in Collegeville have at their disposal specialized tests not available to homeowners. By using the results of these tests, radon contractors are able customize radon mitigation systems. In one test, contractors use colored smoke to determine how the air moves through a home, indicating where ventilation fans are most needed. The test can also spot the cracks in concrete and spaces in bricks that are common entry points for radon in Collegeville homes.

Another test available to radon contractors in Collegeville is the soil communication test. For this, the contractor makes two small holes and uses smoke and a vacuum tool to determine how easily gases can travel underneath the foundation.

A properly designed radon mitigation system must also be properly installed. Collegeville homeowners who incorrectly install vent fans and piping systems in their homes could do more harm than good by inadvertently increasing radon gas levels rather than reducing them. Because of this, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends selecting professional radon contractors who are listed by state regulating agencies.

When Hiring a Radon Contractor

Conact S.W.A.T Environmental Radon ContractorPennsylvania state law requires all contractors who perform radon mitigation to obtain a license from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Prior to gaining the license, contractors must attend a state-approved training course to learn the basics of mitigation system design and installation. At the conclusion of the course, radon contractors must pass an examination to verify that they mastered the concepts covered in the training.

Once licensed, Collegeville radon contractors must provide reports on the work they complete to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. This assures that radon contractors produce verifiable results when performing work in homes in Collegeville and the rest of the state, allowing homeowners to hire them with confidence. To maintain their licenses, radon contractors are required to take continuing education courses on a regular basis. These classes provide information on the latest research on radon removal and new technologies in the field.

By hiring a certified radon contractor, Collegeville homeowners can be sure that they are receiving a true expert in the field who is well versed in the latest technologies used to reduce radon levels in homes.